Repositioning Cruises and Trans Atlantic Cruises




Transatlantic Cruises


Who Would've Thought There'd Be so Much to do in the Middle of the Atlantic on a Repositioning Cruises and Trans Atlantic Cruises

In a world where everything is harried and hurried, take a step back to a time when traveling was the adventure. Imagine the excitement of setting out to cruise across the ocean, and the horizon. And discover the adventure of exploring foreign ports and shores, while returning to the comfort of your stateroom every night. Come with us for an unforgettable transatlantic voyage.



Highlights Repositioning Cruises and Trans Atlantic Cruises

Stand atop the Rock of Gibraltar.


Explore the varied landscape of the Canary Islands.


Stroll through the charming squares of Europe.


Shop at the finest stores in Europe.


Follow the paths of ancient explorers and discover their homelands.


Areas of Interest Repositioning Cruises and Trans Atlantic Cruises

Canary Islands
Some people believe the ancient city of Atlantis was located on the islands off the western coast of Africa. The Canary Islands are a province of Spain and under Spanish Government. They have been prized for their beautiful scenery and delicious cuisine since the time of the Greeks and Romans


Ireland is much more than shamrocks and whiskey. It's a vibrant, modern country. And it's also a beautiful place to discover the past. Explore grand castles and sprawling country estates. And tour the countryside and its charming villages and natural wonders


Go dancing at the Moulin Rouge. Or just sip coffee in a caf. France offers an adventure for your senses every moment - from the unmistakable skyline of Paris to the rich, delicious tastes of French cuisine


Home of many of the world's great explorers, Portugal perfectly captures the excitement of discovery. Go hiking in the hills and enjoy sweeping views, or discover hidden treasures in the narrow streets of Lisbon


What to Pack  Repositioning Cruises and Trans Atlantic Cruises

Days onboard are casual. To be most comfortable, we recommend:


Jeans or slacks


Several sweaters, a jacket, a windbreaker and a raincoat


Low-heeled shoes for deck activities


Don't forget your swimsuit, camera and a pair of binoculars (towels are provided)


For evening wear, count on three basic types of attire:


Casual: Dresses or slacks and blouses for women, sport shirts and trousers for men


Smart Casual: Dresses or pantsuits for women, jackets for men


Formal: Cocktail dresses for women, suits and ties or tuxedos for men (you can arrange to rent a tuxedo onboard)


Ashore, if you plan to visit the museums and cathedrals of Europe, it's always wise to dress conservatively. Sleeveless tops and shorts are generally not allowed.